Team Coaching is the practice of cultivating characteristics and capabilities of team members and the team as a social entity so that the team's full potential can be expressed and the greatest value delivered. It is the Integration of:

  • Team Facilitation
  • Organizational Consulting
  • Individual and Team Development 



Leadership Coaching helps leaders identify strategies/ steps to make decisions that help them in business, with family, or in relationships with others. Using LEAD, we will help you be more motivated, engaged, and successful by maximizing your talents, gifts, and potential.

This service will benefit clients who:

  • Have ideas, but don't know how to execute them.
  • Need help managing change.
  • Feel overwhelmed with competing realities.
  • Are constantly distracted by personal challenges.
  • Want to re-invent themselves.

AMCI uses its LEAD model to mentor and develop leaders, married couples, and small group leaders.  

We also conduct marriage seminars and workshops. Marvin and Charlene have been married for over 32 years and are trained facilitators. Using coursework and marital experience, AMCI helps couples discover God's unique design for marriage and offers tools to help them cultivate effective communication and relationship building.

Using LEAD, we can:

  • Help you discover techniques to repair relationships.
  • Offer techniques for growing disciples. Share the value and methods of starting home based small groups.